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Our Facility is Their Home

School age children at the Aloha House of Hope are all homeschooled in the Aloha House of Hope school room using fully accredited online Abeka Academy. Abeka operates a full time brick and mortar school in Pensacola, Florida and is the leading publisher of Christian homeschool dvd’s and materials where they approach all subjects from a Christian Biblical worldview. Further Biblical instruction is given during the daily devotion time usually done right before bedtime. Everyone attends church as a family together each Sunday morning.

In order to promote a wholesome atmosphere the children are not allowed access to video games, cable or network TV, or unrestricted access to the internet (they are allowed controlled and monitored internet access for school research projects). Instead of living in the artificial world of video games and television shows, the kids at the Aloha House of Hope are allowed to live out their imaginations by exploring the woods, including the large creek that runs through it, swimming almost daily in the lake when weather permits, riding go karts and mountain bikes through the trails, building forts, and all the outdoor activities that kids in former generations used to enjoy.


During colder and inclement weather, the kids have access to a large game room loaded with just about every board game there is, ping pong, bumper pool, and skee ball. There is also an indoor above ground heated swimming pool located in the 80X50 shop located a short 10 minute walk from the main house. When the weather is nice there is a lighted 60X50 sport court where the kids can play basketball, pickleball, pop tennis, and four-square as well as riding their skateboards and bikes.

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